Stamp of the Month: February 2018

Andrés Segovia

The Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia Torres was born in Linares on February 21, 1893, he died on June 2, 1987 in Madrid. In February 2018, his birthday will mark the 125th time.
Already at the age of fourteen Segovia gave concerts in Spain. His international career started in 1924 with a concert in Paris. For several decades he was on tour internationally and even at the age of 91 years has given a concert at the Berlin Philharmonic. With his guitar playing Segovia had great influence on the development of classical guitar playing in the 20th century. Numerous compositions, which now belong to the classical guitar repertoire, have been written especially for him. He also edited many works that were originally written for other instruments, for the classical guitar. Segovia also taught at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena, in Santiago de Compostela and at the University of California at Berkeley. Many great guitarists were his pupils.

Spain 19.2.1993

The video shows Andrés Segovia with the legend “Asturias” from the “Suite española, Op. 47” by Isaac Albéniz.