Stamp of the Month: May 2018

Austria 14.11.1972

Carl Michael Ziehrer

The Austrian composer Carl Michael Ziehrer was born in Vienna on May 2, 1843 and died in his native city on November 14, 1922. In May 2018, his birthday marks the 175th time.
Ziehrer, who played piano and wrote small own compositions as a teenager, was discovered by Carl Haslinger, the publisher of Johann Strauss (son). Haslinger promoted the young talent by engaging him teachers for conducting and composing activities. Many compositions of his early work were created in collaboration with his teacher Johann Emanuel Hasel. 1865 Ziehrer received a first engagement as a conductor in Vienna. Later he became conductor of the Reichshallen orchestra in Berlin. In 1885, Ziehrer became conductor of the famous k.u.k. Infantry Regiment Hoch- und Deutschmeister No. 4 and gave concerts throughout Europe, and in 1893 for the World
Fair in Chicago. The peak in his career was, when he was appointed music director of the Imperial Royal Court Balls in 1907. As a composer Carl Michael Ziehrer created about 600 dances and marches, as well as 23 operettas.

The video shows a performance of the “Waltz of Viennese Citizen” by Carl Michael Ziehrer during a ball in the Vienna Hofburg. The Vienna Philharmonic are performing under the direction of Willi Boskovsky.