50 Years ago …

On August 14, 1969, the movie “Once Upon a Time in the West” started in German cinemas,
to which Ennio Moriccone has composed one of the most famous film scores.

Italy 6.9.2018

The music is an essential part of Italo-Western “Once Upon a Time in the West” (Original title: C’era una volta il West) directed by Sergio Leone in 1968. The music was completed by Ennio Moricone before the filming began. Sergio Leone then staged entire passages of the film to the rhythm of the music. The almost operatic music was at that time completely uncommon for a film music and especially for the Western genre. Each main character has its own musical theme, which is repeatedly taken up as a leitmotif. The plaintive harmonica (originally played by Franco de Gemini) is the key to understand the story, but it is only presented at the end of the movie. Especially convincing are the wordless vocals of the Italian singer Edda Dell’Orso for the female lead role.