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Stamp of the Month: July 2020

Amália Rodrigues

The Portuguese singer Amália da Piedade Re-bordão Rodrigues was born in Lisbon on July 23, 1920. She died on October 6, 1999 in her hometown. In July 2020, her birthday turns 100.
Amália was one of ten children of a poor green-
grocer. As a young girl, she helped to sell fruits in the Alcântara docks. In 1939 she started her career as a Fado singer in the nightclub “Retiro da Severa”.

Portugal 3.10.2011
In 1944 and 1945 she was on tour in Brazil, where the first of her more than 170 recordings took place. Her international breakthrough came in the 1950s with the song “Coimbra”, written by Raul Ferrao in the late 1930s. The song later became a worldwide success under the title “April in Portugal”. In the 1940s and 50s, Amália Rodrigues also starred in about a dozen films.
Amália Rodrigues, the “Queen of Fados”, is considered the most important Fado singer. Through her worldwide tours and numerous television appearances all over the world, she shaped the international image of this genre like no other.

The video shows Amália Rodrigues at her last concert in Lisbon. A week before her death in September 1999, she reinterpreted the song “Coimbra”, with which she achieved her international breakthrough in the 1950s.

Coro virtuale “Va pensiero”

For all “prisoners” – all over the world

The critical situation we are in has fundamentally changed the daily lives of all of us. We are forced to stay at home to counter the virological emergency. The world of theater and music is also affected: musicians, singers, conductors have to cancel performances and concerts. Although the situation is life-threatening for many of them, the International Opera Choir has ceased its activities and instead opens the doors to a virtual rehearsal room that each of us can reach with the means available to continue listening to and feeling music.

New Books: Music Lexikon – Persons on Stamps

Das große Musik-Lexikon
Personen auf Briefmarken von 1840 – 2015

(Musik Lexikon – Persons on Stamps)

Author: Manfred Gorol
(Member of Motivgruppe Musik e.V.)
1,600 pages / German / Price: 150.- € + postage
The lexicon can be ordered from the author

It would certainly require a lot of work: the author was well aware of that when in the 1990s he began his endeavor to compile a lexicon of all persons with any known musical activity who also appeared on a postage stamp. But that it would take more than 25 years of intensive research to complete the project was then beyond his wildest dreams.
At PHILA MUSICA 2019 Manfred Gorol could finally show his work. “Das große Musiklexikon – Personen auf Briefmarken von 1840-2015” numbers 4 volumes and presents in around 1,600 pages more than 12,000 concise portraits from “Aabel, Per” (Norway, Michel 1372) to “Zylberstein, Elsa” (Guinea, Michel 6562 and Comores, Block 499). The concise portraits never exceed four lines and are always supplemented with references to the relevant stamps (country, date of issue, Michel number). Thus this lexicon contains some 12,000 comprehensive checklists, including issues up to 2015.

Young Collectors

Under the motto “Young Musicians … … young collectors” Motivgruppe Musik supports children and young collectors up to the age of 25 years who are interested in collecting stamps related to music and dance.

Young collectors can join our philatelic music study group one year for free. They get a philatelic welcome pack suited to their collection, four issues of our bulletin and access to the members only section of our website. In addition, the board shall seek for sponsorship and donations to offer a free membership for the young collectors also in the following years.

Meet some young collectors from our study group
Apply for membership if you are interested in music on stamps

By the way, this offer also applies to youth leaders who work on the topic “music” in their youth group.