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New Checklists

The members only section of our website contains a collection of checklists about various topics of music philately. The collection is constantly expanding and can be read online by our members.

New enhancements:
29.3.20: Female dancers (updated) / opera houses (updated)
3.7.20: Clarinet (new) / Saxophone (new)
3.9.20: Ballroom Dance (updated)
5.2.21: Beethoven (updated)
12.4.21: Musicians on banknotes and coins on stamps (new)
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Stamp of the Month: April 2021

Australian Antarctic Territory 16.3.2021
Alice Giles

The Australian harpist Alice Giles was born in Adelaide in 1961. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the first Australian Antarctic expedition in which her grandfather took part, she took part in an Antarctic expedition in spring 2011, during which she gave concerts at the Mawson and Davis research stations as part of the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship.
Since Alice Giles won the 8th International Harp Competition in Israel in 1982 at the age of 21, she has been considered one of the world’s leading harp soloists. She has given solo concerts around the world, worked with many large orchestras and was a guest artist at numerous festivals. In the course of her career she was a member of the jury and artistic director of several international harp competitions and has an international reputation as a teacher. Alice Giles has given masterclasses at the Salzburg Mozarteum, in The Hague, London, San Francisco, Milan, Toronto, Bayreuth and at the Juilliard School in New York. She currently teaches at the Sydney Conservatory of Music.
The video shows Alice Giles performing a live performance at the Davis Research Station during the Antarctic expedition in 2011. She plays the composition “Ice” by the Australian composer Mary Doumany.

New Books: Music Lexikon – Persons on Stamps

Das große Musik-Lexikon
Personen auf Briefmarken von 1840 – 2015

(Musik Lexikon – Persons on Stamps)

Author: Manfred Gorol
(Member of Motivgruppe Musik e.V.)
1,600 pages / German / Price: 150.- € + postage
The lexicon can be ordered from the author

It would certainly require a lot of work: the author was well aware of that when in the 1990s he began his endeavor to compile a lexicon of all persons with any known musical activity who also appeared on a postage stamp. But that it would take more than 25 years of intensive research to complete the project was then beyond his wildest dreams.
At PHILA MUSICA 2019 Manfred Gorol could finally show his work. “Das große Musiklexikon – Personen auf Briefmarken von 1840-2015” numbers 4 volumes and presents in around 1,600 pages more than 12,000 concise portraits from “Aabel, Per” (Norway, Michel 1372) to “Zylberstein, Elsa” (Guinea, Michel 6562 and Comores, Block 499). The concise portraits never exceed four lines and are always supplemented with references to the relevant stamps (country, date of issue, Michel number). Thus this lexicon contains some 12,000 comprehensive checklists, including issues up to 2015.

Young Collectors

Under the motto “Young Musicians … … young collectors” Motivgruppe Musik supports children and young collectors up to the age of 25 years who are interested in collecting stamps related to music and dance.

Young collectors can join our philatelic music study group one year for free. They get a philatelic welcome pack suited to their collection, four issues of our bulletin and access to the members only section of our website. In addition, the board shall seek for sponsorship and donations to offer a free membership for the young collectors also in the following years.

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By the way, this offer also applies to youth leaders who work on the topic “music” in their youth group.