New Stamps by Private Postal Services

Private Postal Services too release stamps related to music. Members will find a list with the latest issues in the members only section.

8.5.: Citipost Hannover / Citipost Weserbergland / LMF Augsburg / Nordbrief Rendsburg / Peterspost (Finland) / RPV Cottbus / Turbopost Neuruppin
26.8.: Brief und mehr (Münster) / Citipost Weserbergland / Citipost Ostwestfalen-Lippe / LVZ Post (Leipzig) / Nordbrief (Rendsburg) / Post Modern (Dresden) / Sued Mail (Weingarten)
25.9.: Post Modern (Dresden)
29.9.: Peterspost (Russia) / Post Modern (Dresden)
9.12: Brief und mehr (Münster) / Citipost Hannover / Citipost Ostwestfalen-Lippe / LVZ Post (Leipzig) / Post Modern (Dresden)
Private Postal Services (Members only)