David Bowie stamp already sold out ?

As early as on evening of January 5, two days after release, some members of our study group reported that the David Bowie stamp was no longer available from the Deutsche Post’s website. It was still listed in the shop up until the morning of January 7, but when you completed the order you were asked to delete the “David Bowie” item in your shopping cart. In the course of January 8th, the stamp then disappeared completely from the list of offers.
Could it be that the number of stamps was so small that the stamp was sold out after two days? Or has a production error crept in that doesn’t allow the stamp to be sold? Unfortunately, inquiries to the post office have so far remained unanswered.
In the meantime, unfortunately, some speculators are up to mischief again on Ebay and other platforms with the mint sheet of 10 and are sometimes demanding 5 times the purchase price. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to pay these prices. The market will probably calm down as soon as the Post publishes a statement or, if necessary, provides a reprint of the stamp.
As soon as we find out more, we will inform collectors on our website.