…and what we do

  • We collect stamps, stamps, postal stationery and all kinds of philatelic documents about music.
  • We document and explore this topic.
  • We support collectors who are interested in  collecting “music on stamps”.

Of course, you can collect stamps by your own. But there is much more fun, if you share this fascinating hobby with other collectors. This is even more important if you’re interested in a topic where you’ll not find a dedicated stamp catalog or prepared album pages.

This was the reason for twenty collectors interested in “music on stamps” to join in a group to share information and swap stamps. Meanwhile this small group, founded in 1959, became “Motivgruppe Musik” and has turned to be one of the largest philatelic study groups within the German Philatelic Society. We are about 300 members coming from 35 countries from all over the world.

The various aspects of music are mirrored by the interests and collections of our members. There are many who are collecting “composers” like Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner or “musical instruments”. Others are concerned with music theatre or music festivals, singers, orchestras or conductors, national anthems, ballet and dance or musical notation on stamps. Of course, there is not only classical music. There already are many stamps about Rock, Pop and Jazz and if there are stamps, there also are collectors concerned with these subjects.

As it was at the beginning, sharing information, swapping stamps and postmarks are still in the main activities of our group. Every collector, interested in “music on stamps” will find actual information and suitable exchange partners within Motivgruppe Musik.

But our philatelic music study group offers more than private contacts between collectors. Please check out our services !