Our Members

Ortwin Trapp
On my website you’ll find information about my philatelic an musical activities.

Jean Paul Simon
Visit my shop with music stamps at Delcampe
(nickname: nomis)

Peter Bach jr.
On my website “Bach on Bach” you will not only find all the Bach-stamps but many other information about J.S. Bach and his family.

Sanjay Subrahmanyan
I am a Carnatic music singer from India. Visit my homepage to find information about my music and several links to my music videos.

Frederic Grosz
Have a look to my music videos on YouTube.

Hans Timmerman
Please visit my website about organ on stamps.

Mark D. Jameson
I don’t have an own website but besides of stamp collecting, I serve as the Membership Secretary of The Organ Club. Visit our website and get information about the various activities.

Karl Oriwohl
Our member Karl Oriwohl sadly passed away. However, his videos will still be on YouTube for a long time.

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