C.G. Award 2016

Participating the CG International Philatelic Promotion Award 2016, our study group reached the 8th place in the overall competition “Print, Digital Media and Promotion of Youth Philately” and the 1st place in the category “Digital Media”.

As a representative of the board, our Belgian member Dr. Marc Bottu received the special prize “Digital Media” at the award ceremony in Sindelfingen.

The CG International Philatelic Promotion Award was launched 2013 by the auction house Christoph Gärtner. It aims to promote philatelic research and the preservation of philatelic know­ledge by supporting new publication. This competition aims to consider print media, digital media and the promotion of young talent as a whole. Forty one print media, eight Digital exhibits and three youth exhibits from ten countries have applied for the CG International Philatelic Promotion Award 2016. Since 2013 our study group could always occupy a place among the Top 10.
More details about the C.G. International Philatelic Promotion Award.