Catalog of Spanish special postmarks on the Internet

29.3.2017 Axel Brockmann
a catalog of Spanish special, first day- and tourism slogan cancels is available on the Internet free of charge. Broken down by provinces and optionally by cities, around 15,000 images of postmarks can be found here in chronological order together with the description of respective events. Even oldest postmarks from the 1930s can be found there. The catalog is a treasure trove for thematic collectors of all topics – of course, also for music stamp collectors. Here the Spanish stamp collectors association with support of the Spanish Post (Correos España) has designed a timely medium to inspire people for Spanish philately.
There is also a catalog for the Spanish stamps with lots of background information available under Although the information is in Spanish, the pictures and headlines make it easy to find what you are looking for. If necessary, texts can be quickly transferred to the desired language by use of the google translator.