Stamp of the Month: June 2017

Johann Wenzel Stamitz

Czechoslovakia 12.5.1957

The Bohemian composer and violinist Johann Wenzel Stamitz was born in Deutschbrod on 17 June 1717th He died on 30 March 1757 at the age of only 39 years in Mannheim. 2017 the 300th anniversary of his birthday.
Johann Wenzel Stamitz studied in Jihlava and Prague. In 1741 he came as a traveling violinist virtuoso to Mannheim. Elector Carl Theodor von der Pfalz hired him for his court orchestra and appointed him in 1743 concertmaster of the Mannheim court orchestra. In 1750 he became director of the court music. Already in 1747 Stamitz builded the violin class at the Mannheim court orchestra. Until today, he is considered to be the founder of the famous Mannheim School which had great influence on the development of the concert symphony and the orchestral culture in Europe.


The video shows the Chamber Orchestra Seoul under the direction of Charles Neidich performing the Clarinet Concerto in B flat Major by Johann Stamitz. Soloist: Jaehee Choi.