Yehudi-Menuhin-Trophy 2017 – Most Popular Music Stamp 2016

The Winner: Jean Claverie / France

Jean Claverie was born in 1946 in Beaune (France). After studies at the “École nationale des Beaux-arts” in Lyon and the “École des Arts Décoratifs” in Geneva he first worked in the advertising sector. In 1977 he focused on illustrating books for younger readers, and worked with many well-known writers. One of his youth book heroes, ‘Little Lou’, a little colored boy who makes a career as a jazz pianist, inspired Claverie to make a tour of his own, and since 2003 he gives concerts throughout France with his band, mixing blues, rhythm & blues, and rock.

Philaposte, the philatelic section of the French postal administration, could boast a double victory this year, for second prize was taken by another French stamp: Christelle Guénot designed for the ‘Hearing’ set, issued on 30 January 2016, a quite beautiful stamp with instruments, flowers, butterflies and birds.

Third prize went to the Flamenco pane issued by UN Vienna for world dance day (29.4.2016); this was designed by the American artist Alison Seiffer.

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