Stamp of the Month: October 2019

Johan Helmich Roman

Sweden 26.8.1994
The Swedish composer Johan Helmich Roman was born on October 26, 1694 in Stockholm. He died on November 20, 1758 near Kalmar. In October 2019, his birthday marks the 325th anniversary.
Johan Helmich Roman was 15 years old when he became a member of the Royal Swedish Court Orchestra. His father also played in this orchestra. Johan Helmich Roman was a virtuoso violinist and oboist. During a study trip to England, he met among others George Frideric Handel. In 1721 he became vice-Kapellmeister and from 1727 First Court Kapellmeister of the Swedish Court Orchestra. He did a great service on musical junior education and arranged the first public concerts in Stockholm.
As a composer, Roman preferred the style of light Italian Baroque music. His work includes suites, solo concerts, symphonies as well as chamber and church music. His most famous work is the “Drottningholmsmusic”, a suite in 24 movements, which he composed in 1744 on the occasion of the marriage of the Swedish Crownprince Adolf Fredrik with the Louise Ulrike, the sister of Frederick II of Prussia.
The video shows the movement 20 (Allegro) of the “Drottningholmsmusic”. It is performed by the Swedish “Nationalmusei Kammarorkester” under the direction of Claude Génetay in the Rikssalen of Drottningholm Palace.