Data Protection

Motivgruppe Musik e.V. is pleased that you are visiting our website and we appreciate your interest in our philatelic music study group. Protecting your personal data is an important concern for us. We want you to feel safe when visiting our website. We hereby inform you about what data is stored by us and what it is used for.
I. Name and address of the responsible person
Motivgruppe Musik e.V.
President: Peter Lang
Rotkamp 14
13053 Berlin
Tel. +49 / 30 / 920 937 85
II. General information on data processing

  • Scope of the processing of personal data:
    We generally collect and use personal information of our users only to the extent necessary to provide a working website, to provide our content and to fulfill the statutory services. The collection and use of personal data is only after consent of the user.
  • Data deletion and duration of data storage:
    Personal data is deleted as soon as the purpose of storage is eliminated. However, storage can take place beyond when there is a statutory retention period or it meets legitimate interests of Motivgruppe Musik.
    III. Description and scope of data storage:

  • Each time you visit our website automatically data and information on your computer system are detected. The following data that are necessary for the technical operation of our website are stored:
    • Date and time of access
    • Source (eg search engine) from where you have come to our site
    • Browser used
    • Operating system
    • IP address used
    • Visited pages
    • Loaded / opened documents (eg downloads)
    The data is stored in log files. Storage of such data is not related to your personal data. The data collected is used for statistical analysis and to improve our website. Since these data is essential for the smooth operation of the website, there is no way for you to contradict the processing. The log files regularly are overwritten. The storage time of the data therefor depends on available space and the number of visitors on our website. In case there is a concrete evidence that indicate illegal use (eg hacker attack), we reserve the right to check the server log files afterwards.
  • Use of Cookies:
    On our website, cookies are used to make our website user-friendly and to enable certain functions. Cookies are small text files that through your browser are stored on your device (PC). Cookies contain a characteristic string (Cookie-ID) to assigned an Internet page to a specific Internet browser. The cookies used on our website do not contain any personal data.
    Our provider uses so-called session cookies to monitor, for example, the time between login and logout. These session cookies are automatically deleted immediately after you leave our website.
    When you use certain functions (eg watch YouTube videos) it is possible that cookies are by the third-party software. These cookies are beyond our control. We therefore suggest that your browser usually offers functions to administrate and to delete cookies.
  • Registration on our website:
    Our website consists of a public part and a protected members-only section. The members-only section is only accessible to registered visitors. If you register on our website – whether as a member of Motivgruppe Musik or as a temporary visitor – you agree that the following personal data is stored:
    • first and last name
    • your Email-address
    • your user name
    • your password
    • date of registration
    • date and time of last login
    • IP-address of last login
    The data is stored on a server operated by our internet provider and is only visible to the administrator of our website. The encrypted password is not visible at any time. The data is required for user management and authentication. Since the temporary guest access is granted only once, the data remain stored even after the end of the access authorization granted. This is based on the legitimate interest of Motivgruppe Musik that a guest cannot register permanently or repeated and thus surreptitiously access to content that is reserved to paying members of our study group (see IV. User rights).
  • E-mail contact:
    To contact the Board of Motivgruppe Musik, as well as members who have specific functions outside of the Board, we provide e-mail addresses and contact forms. Each contact is sent as an e-mail to the responsible person. The data provided will only be used for the processing of your request. By submitting the contact form or e-mail, you agree that your data will be processed in compliance with your request. Your data will not be transferred to third parties. However, we point out that the emails are not encrypted. The confidentiality of the information on the way between your device and the email server therefore can not be guaranteed by us. In case of a hacker attack, the content of e-mails can be read by third parties.
  • Participation in surveys of Motivgruppe Musik:
    If you participate in surveys of Motivgruppe Musik, for example in the vote on the most popular music stamp, then you agree that your name and e-mail address are stored. This information is required to prevent any manipulations (eg multiple voting) and to inform you about the result of the survey. With the information about the result you get the possibility to demand the deletion of your data.
    IV. User rights
    As a user of out website you have the following rights:

  • You can request information about the personal data that is stored, about its origin and for what it is used. You also have be informed in case your data is transferred to third parties. In this case, we will have to inform you about the recipient’s identity.
  • If your personal data is incorrect or incomplete, you may request your correction or completion.
  • You may request deletion of your data. This is possible if the legal basis for data processing is missing or has been dropped. The same applies in the event that the purpose of the data processing is eliminated by lapse of time or for other reasons. Please note that deletion may conflict with an existing retention period or other legitimate interests.
  • Notwithstanding an otherwise administrative or legal proceedings, you can to complain to a supervisor if you have any concern on the processing of personal data.
    However, before a complaint with a regulatory supervisor, we kindly ask to contact us so we can check the detected problems and can fix it immediately if necessary.

    If you have any questions, please contact us