Who we are…

Philately is one of the most beautiful passions.
It fulfills the curiosity and the romantic longing
for foreign countries and cultures.

Robert Stolz


Robert Stolz, the great composer of numerous operettas, was an enthusiastic stamp collector. He has discovered the fascinating connection of music and philately and even composed a “Philatelist’s Waltz”.


Music on stamps is a beautiful and interesting collection. Opera and operetta, musical comedy, ballet, classical music, jazz, rock and pop, film- or folk music, composers, conductors, singers and orchestras, musical instruments, festivals, dance and notations … Hardly another subject offers such a variety of topics on stamps from all countries on earth. If you ever have discovered this topic, it will not let you off any more.


About 50 years ago, several stamp collectors interested in “music on stamps” have founded the philatelic music study group “Motivgruppe Musik”. On this webpage we would like to briefly introduce ourselves as well as our services. If you love music and also collect stamps, you are invited to join our study group and share your hobby with many stamp collectors from all over the world.

… and what we do