In memoriam: Aretha Franklin – The Queen of Soul

Guinea 10.5.2010

On August 16, 2018, the American soul singer, songwriter and pianist Aretha Louise Franklin died at the age of 76. The musical spectrum of the “Queen of Soul” submitted by Rhythm & blues, gospel and jazz as well as pop and dance. Throughout her more than 60-year career, she has won numerous awards. Her number-one hit “Respect” from 1965 became the anthem of the African-American liberation and the Women’s Movement. In 1987, Aretha Franklin became the first woman in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 2010 she was named “best female singer of all time” by the music magazine “Rolling Stone” and she was one of the performers with the most records sold worldwide.

Mozambique 28.2.2012

Tanzania 1.12.1995

Grenada/Grenadines 19.11.1992