Stamp of the Month: November 2018

Salvatore Adamo

The Belgian singer-songwriter, chanson- and pop-singer Salvatore Adamo was born on 1st November 1943 in Comiso, Sicily. This month he celebrates his 75th birthday.
At the age of four, Adamo came to Belgium with an immigrant family. He sang in the church choir and learned to play the guitar. In 1962 he won a music competition in France and published in Belgium his first record. Soon, he was one of the most famous pop-singers in France as well as in Germany.

Belgien 8.11.2008
In the 1960’s and 70’s, more than 30 of his own songs were placed in the charts. Numerous tours have taken him throughout Europe, Canada and South America. He sang his songs in nine different languages. Throughout his more than 50-year stage career, Adamo is not only known as a pop star, but also wrote numerous serious songs which he often performed together with other famous singers.

The video shows Salvatore Adamo in duet with the Belgian singer Maurane (1960-2018). The song “Inch ‘Allah”, written in 1967, unfortunately lost none of its relevance until today.
Inch’ Allah – God willing
I saw the Orient and its treasures
With the moon as a banner
And I intended in a few verses
To put its splendor into a song

But when I saw Jerusalem
Just like a red rose in the sand
I heard a silent requiem
When I held it in my hand
I found a chapel, I tried a prayer
But that’s when the nightmare began
Even the birds flew away with fear
When they heard the sound of guns
And I could feel the weight of hatred
With Cries on both sides of the street
Oh Lord of love weren’t you born here?
It’s you I had just come to meet
Inch’Allah! Inch’Allah! God willing! Inch’Allah!
The olive tree wept for its shadow
Its tender love, tender wife
Who was lying on the ruins
On the other side of life
Trembling on the barbed wire
A butterfly was watching a flower
Thinking “People are so mad”
They’d kill me if I cross the border
Children of Ismaël and Israël
Before your whole land turns to hell
Why don’t you try some steps together
Guided by a white dove in the sky
Inch’Allah! Inch’Allah! God willing! Inch’Allah!
Is our life a crucifixion?
Must we suffer through the years?
As we struggle for redemption
Washing blood away with tears
Oh yes I saw Jerusalem
Like a red rose in the sand
I always hear that requiem
Each time I hold it in my hand
Requiem for millions of souls
Of people lying in nameless tombs
In heaven there’s room for them all
Now enough blood, Salam! Shalom!
Inch’Allah! Inch’Allah! God willing! Inch’Allah!