Yehudi-Menuhin-Trophy 2019 – Most popular Music Stamp 2018

Winner: Regina Simon / Austria

Austrian stamps have long been renowned for their quality, not only for the printing but also for the expressivity of the topics presented. The latter quality was surely the decisive factor that made 99 collectors from 26 countries choose the Austrian issue for the 100th birth anniversary of Leonard Bernstein as the most popular music stamp of 2018 (Austria 6.7.2018, Michel 3418). The stamp was designed by Regina Simon on the basis of a photo of Paul de Hueck. Regina Simon, who has designed more than 30 stamps for Austrian Post since 2014, will now be awarded the 2019 Yehudi Menuhin Trophy for her Bernstein stamp.
For 2018, 66 stamps from 54 postal administrations were available. With this year’s award, Austrian Post can celebrate its sixth win in the annual competition for the “Most Popular Music Stamp”, which has been held since 1980.

Second place in the voting also went to a Leonard Bernstein stamp, the Hungarian issue designed by Péter Nagy, which was chosen by 83 collectors (Hungary 2.3.2018, Michel 5943).

Third place was for the stamp showing singer-songwriter John Lennon in the American ‘Music Icons’ series (USA 7.9.2018). This stamp, designed by Neal Ashby on the basis of a 1974 photo by Bob Gruen, received votes from 75 collectors.

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