Stamp of the Month: January 2024

Josef Suk

Czechoslovakia 12.5.1957
The Czech composer and violinist Josef Suk was born on January 4, 1874 in Křečovice near Prague and died on May 29, 1935 in Benešov near Prague. January 2024 will be the 150th anniversary of his birthday.
Being the son of a teacher and church musician, Josef Suk received lessons in violin, piano and organ from his father. From 1885 he studied violin, piano and composition at the Prague Conservatory, the latter with his future father-in-law Antonín Dvořák. In 1891, Suk took over as second violin in the new founded violin quartett of the Prague Conservatory. With this so-called “Czech Quartet”, one of the most important ensembles of his time, Josef Suk gave over 4,000 concerts throughout Europe in around 40 years. From 1922 he taught as a professor of violin and composition at the Prague Conservatory, of which he was also rector from 1930.
As a composer, Josef Suk created two symphonies, 16 other orchestral works, 30 piano works, chamber music, songs and choral works and two incidental music.
The video shows the Collegium Instrumentale Saarbrücken under the direction of Vilmantas Kaliunas with the 1st movement (Andante con moto) from the Serenade for String Orchestra in E flat major by Josef Suk. The recording was made in March 2013 at the spring concert at the University of Music in Saarbrücken.