8 … 9 … 10 … ready !

With our virtual stamp exhibition “8 … 9 … 10 … ready !”
we want to show …

… that you can tell a story with just 10 stamps and
… that no great effort is required for this.

Therefore there is only 1 rule: With 10 philatelic items you are there!

  • And even for this rule we allow exceptions: if there are only 9 pieces or if it turns out to be 11 or 12, then the world won’t end either :-))
  • Otherwise everything is allowed:

  • … All topics: Music, dance, musical instruments, composers, conductors, orchestras and songs … (and if your topic is not so closely related to music: your story is welcome anyway)
  • … All philatelic materials: Postage stamps, cancels, postal stationery, FDC, maximum cards …. (and also vignettes, postcards or other musical collectibles)
  • … All formats: because it should be easy, it is best to use 2 or 3 sheets of A4 format … (but there is nothing wrong with using another format)
  • … All options for page design: Handwriting (block letters), typewriter, various PC programs (Word, PowerPoint, …)
    If you don’t use a PC, you will have to make good copies or scans with a high resolution (min. 200 DPI) of the finished pages. If you work with a PC, you can scan your stamps and items and create the complete sheets on the PC.

  • … All languages: The texts should preferably be written in German or English, but all other languages are also allowed. In this case a brief explanation for the viewer should be added.
    Do you have any further questions? Contact us

    Notes: Participation in the exhibition “8 … 9 … 10 … ready!” is voluntary.
    The participants do not have to be members of Motivgruppe Musik.
    The exhibits are preferably submitted by email. Submissions by post (on CD / USB stick or as unfolded copies) are also possible.
    By submitting the exhibit, the exhibitor consents to its publication on the website of Motivgruppe Musik. The publication can take place under your own name or under an anonymous code word.