Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines

Note:This text was created with the help of Google Translate.
In case of any doubt, always the original version in German is valid.


§ 1 Scope

  • The following conditions apply to the use of the members forum of the Motivgruppe Musik website. Use of the forum is only permitted if you accept these terms of use.
  • The purpose of this forum is to exchange information and opinions among the members on topics of music philately or general philatelic topics. Other topics, especially political and religious topics will not be tolerated.
  • The communication among the participants takes place in a friendly, peaceful and respectful atmosphere and without insulting hostility.
  • Prerequisite for the use of the forum is the registration as a member or as a temporary guest on the website of Motivgruppe Musik. However, there is basically no legal entitlement to activation or participation in the forum. The unrestricted house right of the operator applies.
  • Your access data to the members only area of ​​the website may only be used by you. Likewise, you are responsible for ensuring that your access data is not used by third parties.
  • § 2 Duties as User of the Forum

  • As a user, you agree not to publish any contributions that violate these rules, morality or applicable German law. In particular, it is prohibited

    • to publish untrue, offensive, racist, political or religious content;
    • to spread spam or advertising in the forum (this also applies to so-called surreptitious advertising);
    • to publish content that is legally protected by copyright and trademark law, without authorization;
    • to publish press articles in the forum without the consent of the author;
  • If you violate these rules, the information you provide may be changed or deleted by the administrator.
  • In the case of gross violations, Motivgruppe Musik reserves the right to block a member’s access to the forum and the members only section.
  • § 3 Posting Guidelines

  • The title of a new topic should be short and concise but still meaningful. The first contribution should also explain the purpose of the new topic.
  • Please avoid endless discussions. Stay with the topic. For a new question please add a new topic.
  • Please handle sensibly and economically with attachments.
  • § 4 Transfer of Rights of Use

  • The copyright for your topics and contributions, insofar as they are eligible for copyright, in principle remains with you. However, by posting a topic or post, you give Motivgruppe Musik the right to permanently keep the topic or post on its website.
  • The rights of use remain even if you are no longer registered on the website or have terminated the membership of Motivgruppe Musik.
  • Basically, Motivgruppe Musik has the right to delete, edit, move, or close your topics and posts.
  • § 5 Limitation of Liability

  • Motivgruppe Musik does not take the responsibility for the contents posted in the forum, especially not for their correctness, completeness and topicality.
  • Motivgruppe Musik is not liable for breaches of law or damages to third parties caused by a user’s contributions in this forum, unless it has been guilty of intent or gross negligence in dealing with the information provided by a user.
  • § 6 Termination

  • This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.
  • Both Motivgruppe Musik as well as the user may terminate the agreement without notice by deleting the account.
  • If the user deletes or ask for deletion of his account, his contributions remain in the forum still visible, unless the user explicitly requests the deletion.