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New Checklists

The members only section of our website contains a collection of checklists about various topics of music philately. The collection is constantly expanding and can be read online by our members.

New enhancements:
11.3.23: Clarinet (updated) / Saxophone (updated)
3.9.23: Music Stamps (Excel) / Postal Stationery
30.11.23: Christmas Carols on Stamps (neu / Excel + PDF)
15.4.24: Music Stamps (Excel / updated)
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The new “Musikus” has been issued

Our bulletin “Der Musikus” No. 158 has been published.
The main article talks about the anniversary of a world-famous opera house that is actually not a real opera house at all. In the musical instruments section we report on the bassoon and in the musical works section this time the focus is on the opera Turandot. As in every issue, there is – among many other topics – an extensive list of new issues.
Take a look at the table of contents. Members of Motivgruppe Musik can read the entire issue online in the members’ area.
Table of contents  “Der Musikus” – Archive (members only)

500 Years of the Protestant Hymnal

“Therefore the printers do very well to print good hymns diligently and make them agreeable for the people with all kinds of ornamentation, so that they are stimulated to find joy in faith and sing with pleasure.” This is how Martin Luther commented on the new initiative of several printers who began to publish the new hymns of the Reformation in small anthologies from 1524 onwards. …
Read more about the history of the Protestant Hymnal

New articles in our Library

The library of our study group contains an extensive collection of philatelic magazine articles from all areas of music philately. These articles can be read online by our members.

The new articles deal with the following topics, among others: Broadcasting / Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden / Berlin Victory Column / World heritage: Ganggangsullae / Alphorn / Dance of death / Maria Callas / Opera House Sydney / Spice Girls / Hymn book / Bassoon


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Please also visit the Blog “Musical Stamps”
by our American member Jayson Dobney

Franz-Liszt-Stamp-Show in Székesfehérvár

The life and work of Franz Liszt
A stamp exhibition opened in the Székesfehérvár Theater

Link to website (Hungarian)
(A click on the top right corner of the 2nd image opens another image gallery)

Translation of the Hungarian text:
The 98-year-old stamp collecting circle of the city of Székesfehérvár combined the concert of the Alba Regia Symphony Orchestra on October 24th with a thematic stamp exhibition. Before the concert, the Vörösmarty Theater opened an exhibition about the life and work of Ferenc Liszt, which featured the stamps of Dr. József Lippai.
The pharmacist Dr. József Lippai started collecting stamps at the age of 10 and learned to play the piano until he was in the fourth year of high school. Even during his studies in Szeged, his love for music remained and he enjoyed attending concerts and the opera. Collecting was very popular at the time; in Szeged the stamp collecting circle had between 600 and 800 members. Every Sunday morning there was a meeting at which stamps were swapped. During his military service, he met his superior in the officers’ club in Pest, who taught him how to collect music stamps. An avid fan of the theme since 1956, everyone can now admire his collection in the gallery of the Vörösmarty Theater.
At the opening, Zoltán Laczi, president of the city’s stamp collecting circle, said it was a great honor to be able to organize a music-themed stamp exhibition at the Vörösmarty Theater before the Alba Regia Symphony Orchestra’s concert.
The director of the Alba Regia Symphony Orchestra emphasized that connections are important in all arts if they can be shown in relation to other arts, but this is not a connection between other arts, but perhaps an even more exciting portfolio: We see a fantastic stamp collection specifically related to Liszt’s work.
The collector Dr. József Lippai welcomed the visitors. He said he learned to play the piano as a child and started collecting music-themed stamps more than 50 years ago. Since then he has collected many stamps on the subject of music and is also part of an international collector’s circle based in Germany that deals with it. “I exhibited my first collection at the European Cultural Forum event in 1985, where I presented the collection entitled ‘Romance in Music’.” In 2011, it was the 200th anniversary of Liszt’s birth, and that’s when my family and I decided to document Franz Liszt’s life in stamps. The material was already there, it just needed to be put together. “In the years since 2011, the collection has grown to 96 sheets,” said the collector, whose stamps bring to life key moments from Liszt’s life, his first concert, his artistic friendships and his works.
***  The exhibition was on view in the foyer of the theater for two weeks from October 24th, 2023n ***

New Books: Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven
The Yukio Onuma Collection

Autor: Yukio Onuma (Mitglied der Motivgruppe Musik e.V.)


164 pages
hardbound with dust jacket
in English and German
It is somewhat the exception to the rule when a thematic volume is published in the well-known Edition d’Or series. If published at all, it is always a collection that has in the long term received international FIP awards several times over. This is also the case with the collection of the Japanese Yukio Onama (born 1936), who enriches the subject of Beethoven in countless ways in an unusual philatelic “biography”. Both the book and the collection consist of five chapters. The first three are devoted to describing Beethoven’s life, the fourth describes events after Beethoven’s death, and composers who were influenced by him, and the last quotes what others have said about Beethoven.
The selected philatelic material testifies to the diversity and rarity, documented on the one hand by original material (from stamps to covers and postal stationery), but also by original images, colour trials and essays, printing errors and plate varieties, postmarks and special cancellations, telegrams and proofs, etc. In doing so, Onama generally avoids the issues of dubious countries, and only – as he says himself – considers those of “authentic”, that is, reputable states, and in doing so shows material that one would not, at first sight, regard as “suspect”, such as when one sees a Penny Black or a Hindenburg disaster cover. Unlike some others, his descriptions are clear, correct, short and concise. The focus is on the rare material and its relevance, with which he demonstrates the depth of his thematic research. The collection is a delight – not only for music lovers!
Wolfgang Maaßen (AIJP)

Yehudi Menuhin Trophy 2023 – Most popular Music Stamp 2022

The Winner: Kirsten Lubach
Post Austria

An instrument of the symphony orchestra, combined with the autograph of a fitting work penned by an Austrian composer, these are the distinctive components of the “Musikland Österreich” stamp series.
Since 2020, Viennese graphic artist Kirsten Lubach has designed an annual stamp for this series. She will be awarded the Yehudi Menuhin Trophy 2023 for the stamp depicting a trombone, which was issued on 16 February 2022 and won the election for the most popular music stamp of 2022 with 8.11% of the votes cast.
Kirsten Lubach was born in Troisdorf, Germany, in 1973. After graduating from high school, she trained as an engraver at the Drawing Academy in Hanau and then went to Lahti, Finland, on a scholarship for further study, passing the master engraver’s examination in 1999. After working for a few years for a specialized company in Vienna, she moved to the Austrian State Printing Office in 2003. There she was initially responsible for the correction and retouching of printing plates. The first Austrian stamp she engraved was the “Lynx” in the “Animal World of Austria” series in 2006. In 2012 Kirsten Lubach set up her own business as a designer, draftswoman and engraver, with her own studio for copper and steel engravings in Vienna. In the meanwhile she has designed numerous stamps for various postal administrations.


This year, 69 stamps from 55 postal administrations were selected as candidates. Collectors from 48 countries participated in the voting via internet or at the IBRA 2023 International Stamp Exhibition. With 7.59% of the votes, the stamp designed by Alejandro Muntz featuring ballet dancer María Noel Riccetto took 2nd place. The stamp was issued in Uruguay on 28.11.2022 as part of the U.P.A.E.P. (Unión Postal Américas, España, Portugal) joint issue devoted to “Art”. Third place, with 7.08% of the vote, went to the Greek painter and graphic artist Myrsini Vardopoulou for a stamp from the Greek set “100 years of the first urban refugee settlements”, issued 14.9.2022.
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th Place
9th Place
10th Place

All candidates for the most popular music stamp 2022 can be found here

New Articles on the Internet

Postal administrations and philatelic publishers occasionally publish articles with background information on new stamps. If we become aware of such information, we publish the corresponding link.

4.2.23: Iron Maiden / Josip Ipavec / House of Music Hungary
New Articles

Presentation of the Yehudi Menuhin Trophy 2022

On October 14, 2022, Rorie Katz, Chief Designer at the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA), Sergio Baradat, Artistic Director of UNPA, acclaimed photographer Bob Gruen and Jayson Kerr, member of Motivgruppe Musik, met at an iconic location at Central Park, New York City. No other location would have been better suited for the presentation of the Yehudi Menuhin Trophy 2022 than the Imagine Circle, the memorial for John Lennon.

Most popular music stamp 2021: The UNPA issue for the 50th anniversary of John Lennon’s Peace Hymn “Imagine”, based on the iconic photograph by Bob Gruen (1974).