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8 … 9 … 10 … ready !

There are so many topics and stories hidden in our stamp albums that never come to the public eye …
… because there is too little material to create an exhibit,
… because far too many collectors shy away from the effort of assembling an exhibit or
… because collectors don’t want to accept the strict rules of a jury.

We’ll put an end to that and show, …
… that you can tell a story with just 10 stamps.
… that no great effort is required to do this and
… that you can show what’s in our albums even without rules!

And the best thing about it: it’s fun and you really want more!
Join in …   8 …  9 …  10 …  ready!
The next place on this website is reserved for your story.

St. Cecilia

Yme Woensdregt 

Women Writing Music

Yme Woensdregt 

Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

Louis Op t’Eynde 

Zaha Hadid and Music

Manfred Gorol 

De Stemvork

Louis Op t’Eynde  

David Bowie stamp already sold out ?

As early as on evening of January 5, two days after release, some members of our study group reported that the David Bowie stamp was no longer available from the Deutsche Post’s website. It was still listed in the shop up until the morning of January 7, but when you completed the order you were asked to delete the “David Bowie” item in your shopping cart. In the course of January 8th, the stamp then disappeared completely from the list of offers.
Could it be that the number of stamps was so small that the stamp was sold out after two days? Or has a production error crept in that doesn’t allow the stamp to be sold? Unfortunately, inquiries to the post office have so far remained unanswered.
In the meantime, unfortunately, some speculators are up to mischief again on Ebay and other platforms with the mint sheet of 10 and are sometimes demanding 5 times the purchase price. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to pay these prices. The market will probably calm down as soon as the Post publishes a statement or, if necessary, provides a reprint of the stamp.
As soon as we find out more, we will inform collectors on our website.

Stamp of the Month: January 2022

USA 10.9.1997

Nicaragua 22.1.1975
Rosa Ponselle

American opera singer Rosa Ponselle was born on January 22, 1897 in Meriden, Connecticut, and died on May 25, 1981 in Baltimore, Maryland. January 2022 will mark her 125th birthday.
Rosa Ponselle (actually Rosa Melba Ponzillo) appeared from 1915 with her older sister Carmela as the Ponzillo Sisters in New York cinemas and cabarets. The impresario William Thorner recognized her talent and brought her into contact with the Metropolitan Opera, where she was promoted by Enrico Caruso. In 1918 she made her stage debut alongside Caruso as Leonore in “La forza del destino” by Giuseppe Verdi. The performance made Ponselle famous overnight. From 1918 to 1937 she was part of the Met ensemble for 19 seasons in a row.
Rosa Ponselle is one of the most outstanding coloratura sopranos in opera history. Her repertoire included 23 roles in operas by Mascagni, Weber, Rossini, Ponchielli, Spontini, Mozart and Verdi. Her star role, however, was the title role in Vincenzo Bellini’s Norma. Her last role at the Met was Georges Bizet’s Carmen.
After the end of her active career, she took on a managerial position at the newly founded Baltimore Civic Opera. There she also gave singing lessons. One of her students was Plácido Domingo.
The video shows Rosa Ponselle as Carmen in 1936 during test shoots in the MGM film studios.